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The Right Time for Spiritual Healing: Why Healers Swear by Morning Rituals

November 14, 2021


Almost every individual who follows the path of spiritual healing to live a better life, at one point or another, wonders “which is the right time of the day for spiritual healing?” And if you ask the experts about this question, they would say: there is no right or wrong time for spiritual healing; it’s about what suits you more. And on the other hand, it is no secret that the “morning rituals” occupy a very special place in the world of spiritual healing practices. Why is that? If there isn’t a fixed, perfect time in the rule book of spiritual healing, why every healer swears by his morning rituals?


The answer is simple. As hinted earlier, it’s not about the time of the day—it’s about you. You have to decide which time of the day offers you the best possible conditions that can make your spiritual healing process more effective. And most people choose morning time as their favorite time of the day for spiritual healing—not just for the sake of it but because morning is a time of the day which offers the perfect conditions for spiritual healing that appeal to the majority of people.


Here is how morning time provides the best conditions for spiritual healing.


No distractions


One of the most important factors that affect the effectiveness of spiritual healing is the “focus.” With the power of focus, you can attract positivity in your life and manifest your thoughts. The morning time helps do just that by providing a distraction-free environment in which you can harness the power of focus. When the hustle and bustle of the outside world have not yet started, you get a perfect opportunity to develop a deeper connection with reality.


Creativity level is high


When you focus on something, your spiritual power helps you achieve it by converting your thoughts into reality. So, for a successful spiritual healing experience, you must come up with positive and creative thoughts and ideas. No time of the day can be more suitable for that than the morning time. As soon as you start waking up, the dreams that you saw during your sleep start shifting to your memory; and some of your thoughts get converted into dreams if you fall asleep again during the process. This is a situation in which your level of creativity is very high. You can just put your ideas on paper and focus on them, just before beginning your morning ritual. It would be a wonderful experience for you.


It is a connection point for the soul


Another interesting thing about the morning time is that it is the connection point of your soul. When you fall asleep, your soul goes up to the spiritual atmosphere, and when you wake up, it travels back to you. The first thoughts that you get after the return of your soul are considered by some people as the “soul whispers” or the messages. This gives the morning time an unmatchable status.  If you focus on such messages, enhance your spiritual power.


Sets an energetic tone


Moreover, morning spiritual practices or rituals help you set a nice energetic tone for the rest of your day to make it happier. Morning rituals help you amplify the effects of your spiritual healing practices. They give you the confidence to face the challenges of the day ahead of you with confidence and courage.


Hopes are high


We go through many positive and negative experiences throughout our day that can make or break our mood. But the only part of the day in which our mind is free from any recent experiences is the morning time. At the start of the day, we usually have good hopes about the rest of our day—these good hopes can make our morning spiritual rituals and practices more effective.


Are you for a spiritual morning routine? Of course, you are. Check out or product collections to find high-quality, pure spiritual healing products that you can use for your morning rituals.


What are your thoughts about this topic? Share your ideas and feedback in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!


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