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How to Protect Yourself from Negative People | Auras, Chakras, and Essential Oils

August 26, 2021

Think about the last person you met today or yesterday. How did you feel after he or she left? Did you feel happy, cheerful, and energized; or down, hopeless, and sad? Have you ever thought like this before? Well, most people don’t pay attention to such things–and end up paying the price in the form of their mental and spiritual wellness.

Your mental and spiritual wellness is greatly affected by the people you meet every day. If the person you are meeting has hidden hatred and animosity for you, it can get transferred to you–without his or her expressing or admitting it. Similarly, if someone loves you, cares for you, and prays for you, it can also get transferred to you–without you even knowing it. Such exchanges are done in the form of energies. Some emit positive energies and some emit negative energies.

 Aura - The Energy Bubbles

In the world of spirituality, it is commonly believed that we emit bubbles of energy fields from bodies, which are known as the Auras. They work as interactive fields and carry out the information exchange. There are multiple layers of Auras that separate you from your surroundings and function as barriers between your energies and the energies of the world around you.  So, the only way you can protect yourself from the negative energies of the outside world–as well as welcome positive energies– is to have a healthy aura. If your aura is strong and healthy, you will have a sense of spiritual security and protection. On the other hand, if it is weak, you will lose confidence and feel down. How can you strengthen your aura? By balancing your chakras.

The Chakra-Aura Relation

Auras have a lot to do with your Chakras–the energy center of your body. The layers of energy that we just hinted about, emanate from your (seven) chakras. Auras perform the exchange of spiritual information, whereas Chakras are the source of information. There is a very deep connection. Your chakra balance is directly connected to your Aura health. If you want a strong and healthy aura, you need to make sure all your chakras are balanced. Only then can you protect yourself from the negative energies of people around you.

How to Balance Chakras

Representative of our spiritual and emotional states; chakras are linked to the bundles of nerves, and organs in our body.  Our nervous system is the route through which we can heal and sharpen our spirituality. And one of the most used–and probably the easiest–method to spiritual healing and balancing chakras through the nervous system is the use of essential oils. Full of spiritual healing properties, essential oils provide amazing support to our nervous system–when applied to the skin, inhaled, or consumed as food. You can use essential oils that can strengthen your aura and protect you from the negative energies of the people around you. The Happiness Blends’s Chakra Energizing Oil can work wonders for you in this regard.


Chakra Balancing and Strengthening Oil

Our unique; chemical, gluten, phthalate, and paraben free; and vegan chakra balancing and strengthening oil will enable you to balance your chakra so that you can have a strong and healthy aura and stay safe from the  negative energies of people around you and live a happy life.

We all have negative people around us–that give us bad vibes and ruin our mood. Their negative energies enter our body when our auras are not strong or healthy. And the only way you can have healthy auras is: balancing your chakras–the energy centers in our body. You can use our chakra clearing essential oil to heal and balance your chakras.

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