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Learn Why Lavender is the Best Essential Oil for Beginners

August 26, 2021

There is a huge number of essential oils out there. Each one has its own unique healing properties–suitable for balancing specific chakras; dealing with specific spiritual problems. A pro can easily find out which essential oil to pick and when to use it. But what about those who have just started their spiritual healing journey–and are not yet ready to dive deep into its technicalities? That’s where Lavender–a beginner-friendly essential oil can come in handy.

 A healing herb, Lavender has been used by humans for a long time–over 2500 years. Its name is derived from the Latin word ‘Lavare’, which means ‘to wash.’ As the name suggests, Lavender essential oil has a clean odor which makes it a symbol of purity, love, and devotion.

 What makes it beginner-friendly?

 The first thing that makes lavender essential oil so beginner-friendly is its universality. It is considered universal in the sense that it can balance and heal all seven chakras–unlike other essential oils which are limited to few chakras. So, for those who are not skilled enough to find out which of their chakras are imbalanced, or don’t want to buy a separate essential oil for each chakra, the lavender essential oil can be a perfect choice.

 Secondly, lavender is considered one of the safest essential oils. Being non-irritating and non-toxic, it can be applied on all types of skin, possibly safely. It is also likely safe to inhale for aromatherapy. Moreover, for most adults, it is considered safe to consume as food–in most cases. For those who are new to the world of spirituality and don’t know much about essential oil safety, lavender essential oil can be a good start.

 We can say lavender essential oil is beginner-friendly because it is simple and safe to use.

 Spiritual benefits of Lavender

 Whether you apply it to the skin, inhale it (aromatherapy), or consume it as food, the essential oils travel to your nervous system–the interface point between our spiritual and physical world–and give you several spiritual benefits:

  • bring purification around you and clear negative energies
  • ease anxiety and stress and lift your depression
  • make you feel relaxed and peaceful all day long
  • induce feelings of love, joy, and happiness
  • promote a calm, clear, and focused mind
  • ease your muscles and calm your body
  • improve your sleep quality

 Getting practical

 You can achieve all these wonderful results by incorporating lavender essential oil in your life. And one of the simplest, easiest, and most effective ways of incorporating essential oils in your life is: performing a spiritual bath. Here is something useful for that.


 Spiritual Bath and Shower Gel with Lavender Essential Oil

Upgrade your bath or shower routine–and make it spiritual– with this amazing bath and shower gel. It contains lavender essential oil which will help you remove negative energies and blockages, and bring love and happiness to your life.


Essential oils are an integral part of almost all spiritual practices. They enable you to perform spiritual healing and remove blockages and negative energies from your life. However, choosing the right essential oil for the right spiritual problem requires knowledge and expertise: which most beginners lack. For such newbies in the spiritual world, the beginner-friendly lavender essential oil is a sigh of relief. A universal and versatile essential oil, lavender is suitable for everyone. It can balance all chakras–keeping you safe from several spiritual problems. If you are in for the treat to enjoy the bountiful benefits of the lavender essential oil safely, try our unique Spiritual Bath and Shower Gel with Lavender Essential Oil.

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