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Four Simple Steps to Manifest Your Desires Using the Law of Attraction

January 23, 2022

Did you ever think about someone you haven’t talked in a while, and then later that day, out of nowhere, you hear from them?

While some may dismiss it as a coincidence, the reality is different. It's you manifesting your thoughts. It's the magnetic power and energy of your subconscious mind and imagination that radiate out to the universe and attracts vibrationally alike things and events. It is called the law of attraction.

But can you manifest whatever you want in life without doing anything? Can you pass an exam or become a CEO or find a loving partner without taking any action? No, the law of attraction does not work like that. Positive thinking is just a part of the whole system.

The entire manifestation process can be divided across four dimensions: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. You can also consider these dimensions as four stages or phases. As you move forward on this path, you get closer to your desired outcomes.

The first step to manifesting your desires is: to have a clear vision. You need to be as specific as possible about what exactly you want in your life. If you have a business and want to manifest abundance, be specific in the amount of money you want. If you want to manifest happiness, be specific in your description of the challenges and problems that you want to overcome. Similarly, if you want to manifest a loving relationship, outline what traits you want in a partner.

You have to use the power of visualization to solidify your goals deep in your subconscious mind as beliefs—making sure that your point of attraction is aligned with your desires.

If you want to attract high-vibrational experiences (such as happiness, optimal health, love, abundance, etc.) you need to make sure your vibrational energy—which is determined by your emotions— is also high. You can raise your vibrational frequency by generating positive emotions; all you need to do is to feel as if you have already achieved what you desire. It will help you bridge the gap between your desires and their outcomes.

Manifesting is overall an easy process: but for many people, getting those feelings (of abundance, happiness, or joy, etc. before actually achieving them) may be easier said than done. People face several emotional blocks that hold their feelings back from coming into their lives.


One of the most effective ways to release stuck feelings—trapped energy—is to use aromatic essential oils and herbs. Their therapeutic scent helps you create a peaceful and soothing ambiance that can relax your mind, body, and spirit—and help you get rid of all the mental, emotional, or spiritual blocks.

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When you visualize as if you have achieved your desires, you feel emotionally charged and gain access to higher energy. And the law of attraction helps you use that energy as a magnet to attract more positive energy that can transform your life.

The final step is to use the vast amount of energy that you received to take positive, inspired actions and work towards your goals. The new powerful energy will boost your intuitive abilities and enable you to make the right decisions.

Imagine yourself in a locked room; there are hundreds of keys in front of you but only one of them can open the door. In such a situation, if you try to manifest your desire to open the door, the law of attraction can help you feel emotionally stable, raise your energy levels, and improve your intuitive abilities so that you can find the right key with a calm and relaxed mind. But it’s you who has to pick that key and open the door.




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