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About Us

It is our purpose and mission to educate you on the healing and spiritual benefits of organic plant life and therapeutic essential oils, so that you can get rid of blockages, attract prosperity and live a healthy, happy and love filled life.

Earth Blends for Happiness is a Herbal and organic physical, emotional and spiritual line made with love and the correct proportion of ingredients to remove blockages, increase your prosperity, attract sweetness in your life and elevate you and your love ones spiritually.

The ingredients in these products were given to Bishop Carol. A. Thorne over the span of 20 years in visions and dreams from the Divine, Angels and Guides. Countless number of persons have used Earth Blends for Happiness with great success and continue to do so. People have reported feeling great physically, emotionally, spiritually and so much more.

As Bishop Carol. A. Thorne was given the instructions she used the products for herself, family members and to heal personal clients, then about 10 years ago one of her leaders said to her that the products were for her to make and share with the human family.

Happiness Blends Commitment TO YOU!

Friends, I committed to you living your best life, and I’d also like you to know why I spent over 10 years finding the perfect ingredients for Happiness Blends.

 There are 3 reasons why:

  1. Quality is very important when using a spiritual product because you need the life energy of the plant in its purest form. You need soil rich, pesticide and fertilize free organic herbs and therapeutic essential oils because the molecules are minuscule they are easily absorbed through the skin and when inhaled immediately begins the Spiritual healing process.
  2. Herbs and oils are being blended incorrectly base only on fragrance and not on the true purpose.  It is necessary to blend only organic herbs & therapeutic essential oils that were meant for blockage removal when clearing negative energy. If mixed with prosperity plants you will not receive the results you were expecting.
  3. We live in a hectic society and don’t have time to buy tons of products that we never get around to using because we have to figure out quality, what go together, when to use it, how to use it and in what proportions. Time, money and energy wasted.

If you can relate, if you feel confused of what to use, if you just want to make things simple, if you just want to be guided, if you want the highest quality, well that’s why Earth Blends for Happiness is here to serve you.

We look forward to serving you and transforming your life into nothing but happiness, blissfulness and pure joy.

Blessings| Love | Prosperity