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Addressing The Seven Dimensions of Wellness Using Essential Oils

September 30, 2021


The reason why most of the time we are unable to solve the problems in our lives is that we put them in one basket. We often forget, ignore, or fail to identify the nature of each problem. For example, the nature of “depression” as a problem is different from “hopelessness;” depression is more of a mental problem, whereas hopelessness is more of a spiritual problem. Mental wellness can help you get rid of depression, but it may not cure hopelessness; similarly, spiritual wellness can help you get rid of hopelessness but you may still be depressed if you are not mentally strong.


Let’s dive deeper!


All problems in your life can be categorized into seven dimensions: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, environmental, and occupational. To live a balanced life and satisfaction, you should be able to identify the nature of problems in your life and achieve wellness in all dimensions.


The Multi-dimensional Benefits of Essential Oils


Essential oils can help you achieve wellness in each dimension, with their numerous benefits. We have highlighted only the most useful benefits of essential oils for each dimension— to give you an idea of how it works.


Enhance your sleep (physical dimension)


Sleep is one of the most important factors affecting your physical wellness. With a good sleep routine, you can achieve other wellness goals, easily. And essential oils can enhance your sleep with their sedative properties. We have a separate blog post related to this topic.


Help you get rid of negative thoughts and depression (mental dimension)


Essential oils can help you achieve mental wellness because they have the ability to convert your negative thoughts into positives ones and reduce your stress.


Bring love and happiness to your life (emotional dimension)


After converting negative thoughts into positive ones, the next step is manifestation. Essential oils enable you to convert your thoughts about love and happiness into reality under the law of attraction and the power of focus.


Boost your intuition (spiritual dimension)


Essential oils are best known for their spiritual healing properties. They offer numerous spiritual benefits. And “boosting the power of intuition,” is just one of the benefits— a very important benefit. It can help you discover deeper truths of your life, make great decisions, improve your relationships, and do much more.


Promote effective communication (social dimension)


Communication is the key to successful relationships and social wellness. Essential oils help you clear your lines of communication by calming your emotions and thoughts—enabling you to speak precisely and clearly.


Maximize harmony with nature (environmental dimension)


To achieve environmental wellness, you need to have a strong connection or harmony with nature and the earth. One way of doing that is to minimize the use of chemicals. And when you are using natural, pure,  and organic essential oils, you are doing just that.


Attract prosperity and wealth (occupational dimension)


Under the law of attraction, essential oils can help you manifest abundance and prosperity in your life. They bring positive thoughts to your mind about financial wellness and allow you to harness the power of focus to convert your thoughts into reality


Are you ready to incorporate essential oils into your life? Check out our product collections and explore our amazing spiritual products featuring pure essential oils, that help you achieve wellness in every dimension of your life. You can find several easy-to-use sprays, gels, candles, oils, incense bundles, and much more.


Let us know what you think about this topic in the comment section. Your feedback is highly valuable to us; it can help us improve our service and better meet your needs. Keep visiting the Happiness Blends blog if you want to become a spiritual healing pro!

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