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Incense Bundle



Your Home Will Feel Heavenly. 

Included in Incense Kit are: Clearance Incense, Prosperity Incense and Love & Happiness Incense.

Herbs and Essential Oils:

Frankincense, Myrrh, 3 Kings, Sage and Ancient Eastern herbs and pure essential oils.

Spiritual Benefits:

Frankincense: uplifts the spirit by creating a spirit of peace and calm.  It enables you to focus by eliminating stress and anxiety.

Myrrh: soothes the nerves with a stimulating yet relaxing effect and provides a heightened level of protection.

3 Kings: protects from negative emotions, promotes spiritual awareness, aids in visualization of goals, and opens third eye and crown chakras.

Sage:   provides protection from evil, balances the Chakras and enhances wisdom. 

                This product contains 3 types of Sage and their properties are:

  • White Sage – Protection, Blessing and Clearing
  • Black Sage – Purification and Spiritual Cleansing
  • Garden Sage – Release stress, anxiety and brings a spirit of peace

 For best results use House Cleansing Wash & Spray before incensing. 


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