Money Magnet Candle Kit


This Super Charged Spelled Candle is empowered inside and out with ancient mystical seals.

Money Magnet is a powerful spelled candle that speedily pulls money, finances, Good Luck, and Wealth from the universe into your life.

In addition, it creates opportunities and bring abundant cash flow.

Anoint your head, hands and feet with the powerfully spelled money oil blend provided for you with this candle kit to attract the money you desire.  All spells were done by Petal personally.


Connect you with the universe to:

  • Draw Money
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Attract Finances
  • Create Wealth
  • Good Luck

 Candle Kit Includes:

  • Powerfully Spelled Money Magnet candle that can be burnt continuously for approximately 144 - 168 hours (according to your energy).
  • Spelled Money Magnet oil blend 
  • Spelled Money Magnet incense
  • Complete Money drawing ritual
  • Charcoal Tables
  • Step by step instructions to achieve best results.

Download Chapter:  Money Magnet Candle Kit

Download Full Book: Magical Candle Burning 


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