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Ancestral Connection Candle Kit


The Ancestral Connection candle kit was powerfully spelled to call forth the spirits of your ancestors to help in every area of your life. Working with your ancestors is powerful and life changing.

Strengthen the connection to your Ancestors and open the door to receive their guidance and help.

This powerful Ancestral Connection Ritual done for you by Petal. It’s not just a dressed or fixed candle.

 Who this if for?

This Ancestral Connection Candle Kit is for you if you’re ready to get assistance communicating with your ancestors, gaining guidance and receiving protection.  

Candle Kit Includes:

Powerfully Spelled & Conjured candle that can be burnt continuously for approximately 144 - 168 hours (according to your energy).

  • Ancestral Connection oil blend to wear
  • Ancestral Connection incense
  • Charcoal
  • Step by step instructions  

Download Chapter:  Ancestral Connection Candle Kit

Download Full Book: Magical Candle Burning 


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