Done For You Hands On Blockage Removal & Financial Ritual At the Ocean!

Money Magnet Bundle Plus


Large Bundle Includes: 1 Large Money Prosperity Wash, 1 Money Prosperity Bath & Shower Gel, 1 Money Prosperity Body Spray, 1 Money Prosperity Cream, Complete Mystical Spelled & Conjured Money Magnet Candle Kit with 1 pack of Money Magnet Incense, Money Magnet oil, charcoal and instruction book. Download book below.

This bundle will help you increase cashflow and wealth.


Instructions for Washing:

Download Chapter: Prosperity Body Wash

Download Chapter: Cleanse & Energize Daily

Download Full Book: The Secrets Of Spiritual Power

Instructions for Candle Burning:

Download Chapter:  Money Magnet Candle Kit

Download Full Book: Magical Candle Burning 

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