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House Prosperity Bundle


Included the House Prosperity Kit are: Prosperity House Wash, Prosperity House Spray and Prosperity incense. 

When negative energy occupies a space and it is dispelled the space must then be filled with the positive energy of Prosperity and Success.


We want to attract our prosperity to manifest into our lives the things we want and to harvest the benefits of success.

How to use

Essentials: Water, Earth Blends for Happiness House Prosperity Home Wash, Spray Bottle


1 – Mix 16 ounces of Earth Blends for Happiness House Prosperity Wash concentrate with 16 ounces of water.  Pour mixture into spray bottle and spray the floor and carpet beginning in the front of the home working your way to the rear.

2 – Read provided Scriptures (if Christian), Pray and say provided Affirmation.

4 – Pour mixture into spray bottle, spray floors and carpet beginning in the front of the home.

5 – Work your way to the rear of your home.

For best results follow with Prosperity Incense and sprays.

Incense & Spray House

Essentials:  Earth Blends for Happiness Prosperity Incense, Incense burner, charcoal, Earth Blends for Happiness Prosperity Spray.


1 - Light charcoal, let burn until fully lit.

2 - Place Incense on charcoal.

3 - When incense begins smoking you can walk around each room in your home letting the smoke permeate throughout.

4 - Use Earth Blends for Happiness House Prosperity Spray.  Spray entire House with House Prosperity Spray.



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