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Body Wash Bundle Medium



The finest grades of organic herbs, spices, barks, resins, roots, seeds, vines, stems and flowers are obtained from reputable producers in North and South America, Middle East, Near and Far East.

To extract the healing essences from these ingredients they are then blended with essential oils to produce a potent concentrate for emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Essential Oils are vital fluids. Essential Oils are the concentrated essence of the plant which is considered the vital fluid and life blood of the plant. They are called essential because they are the substance of life. Essential oils are botanicals for the Spirit, Soul and Body. There are two ways the human body derives the benefits of essential oils, they are absorbed through the skin and inhaled through the nose. The molecules of these essential oils are so minuscule they are easily absorbed and when inhaled immediately begins the Spiritual healing process. The oils contain life force, intelligence and vibrational energy from the plants from which they are derived and imbued them with healing powers that work.

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