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3 Bottles House Prosperity Spray


Spray to promote a prosperous happy home environment

  • Promote a happy atmosphere in the home
  • Soothes and uplifts the spirit
  • Enhance financial gain
  • Promote effective communication

Transform your home daily in just a few minutes by misting it with Earth Blends For Happiness Prosperity Spray and experience a prosperous, uplifted and happy home.

This aromatic spiritually uplifting combination of Bayberry, Sweet Cinnamon, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Rose, Ancient Eastern and South American therapeutic essential oil blend will create a soothing atmosphere and uplift your home environment.

This is the best time to uplift your spirit and secure financial success.

This product is not just for trouble times it can be used anytime of the day or night to soothe and uplift your spirit, enhance financial gain and promote happiness in the home. For best results use in conjunction with house cleansing spray.



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