Done For You Hands On Blockage Removal & Financial Ritual At the Ocean!

Manifest Candle Kit


The Manifest Candle kit was spiritually spelled & conjured to transform you into a manifesting magnet. Turn your thoughts, goals and dreams into your reality by gaining the spiritual power to make your desires happen on demand.  

The powerful spirits of the 3rd Pentacle of the Sun was invoked to do this work on your behalf.

This powerful Manifest Ritual done for you by Petal. It’s not just a dressed or fixed candle.

Who this if for?

This candle kit is for you if you’re ready to up level your wealth, Power, Love, Money, Health, Business and overall create a magical life. Become unstoppable.

Candle Kit Includes: Powerfully Spelled & Conjured candle that can be burnt continuously for approximately 144 - 168 hours (according to your energy).

  • Manifest oil blend to wear
  • Manifest incense
  • Charcoal
  • Step by step instructions  

 The Manifest Candle Kit is great to use with any other ritual.

Download Chapter:  Manifest Candle Kit

Download Full Book: Magical Candle Burning 


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