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House Cleansing Spray


Create a Relax and harmonious atmosphere in your home

  • Create a Peaceful harmonious atmosphere in the home
  • Acts as a Sleep Aid
  • Feel Relax & Calm
  • Improve the spiritual vibration in the home
  • Helps eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air

Are you aware that the energy in your home can affect your sleep, mood, mental clarity, harmony, finances and over all happiness?   

Use Earth Blends For Happiness House Cleansing Spray a combination of Frankincense, White Sage, South American Black Sage, Garden Sage, Myrrh, Hyssop, Ancient Eastern and South American blends. Improve the spiritual vibration in your home and enjoy all the great benefits of a peaceful home environment.

You’ll be rushing home to a peaceful loving atmosphere, filled with joy and bubbling over with laugher which you have created.

This product is not just for trouble times it can be used anytime of the day or night to create peace in your home, feel relax & calm and enhance the spiritual vibration in your home. For best results follow with prosperity spray.

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