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House Cleansing Bundle


Your home now feel peaceful, happiness and full of love.

Included in the kit are: House Cleansing Wash, Housing Spray and Clearance Incense. 


House cleansing is an ancient practice used to remove negative energies from your dwelling that cause spiritual disturbances, negative thinking, feelings of hopelessness, anger, resentment and repair unhealthy relationships. 


The benefits of House cleansing are brining Balance and Harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit. Eliminate disharmony in the home, disturbing dreams and nightmares, unwanted negative energies, unexplained disagreements and quarrels and unrest amongst family members.  Your home now feel peaceful, happiness and full of love.

Essentials:  Water, Earth Blends for Happiness Happy Home Cleansing House Wash, Container, Mop, Spray Bottle.


1 – Mix 16 ounces of Earth Blends for Happiness Cleansing House Wash concentrate with 1.5 gallons of water.

2 - Open or crack window/partially open door

3 – Read provided Scriptures (if Christian), Pray and say provided Affirmation.

4 – Begin mopping floors or spraying carpet in rooms furthest to the rear of the home. If you have multiple levels start from the top and come down.

5 – Work your way towards the (partially open) front door

For best results follow with Clearance Incense and House Clearance spray after floors are completed.

Essentials:    Earth Blends for Happiness Cleansing Incense, Incense burner, charcoal, Earth Blends for Happiness House Clearance Spray.


1 - Light charcoal, let burn until fully lit.

2 - Place Incense on charcoal.

3 - When incense begins smoking you can walk around each room in your home letting the smoke permeate throughout.

4 - Use Earth Blends for Happiness Clearance Spray.  


Download Chapter: House Cleansing Bundle

Download Full Book: The Secrets Of Spiritual Power

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