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Blockage Removal & Spiritual Cleansing Bundle


Includes: 1 Blockage Removal Wash, 1 Cleansing Bath & Shower Gel, 1 Cleansing Body Spray, 1 Protection Cream.

Spiritual washing or cleansing of the body is an ancient practice with many different variations to remove negative energies and entities that cause spiritual blockages, disturbances, depression, negative thinking, negative feelings/emotions, hopelessness, anger, resentment, unhealthy relationships and other personal issues and hindrances.

Spiritual washing or cleansing can be done for loved ones, pets, your home, car and workspace.  It will bring balance of mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual washing or cleansing can repel or destroy negative patterns.


Feel unburdened; Spirit and Body work in Harmony and Unity; Improved mental clarity; Remove negative energy; Creates feeling of Peace and Calm; Feeling of Achievement

Spiritual Benefits of Blockage Removal Wash:

A Spirit that is undisturbed by negative forces is the foundation of superior spiritual well-being.

We are human-beings.  Human is the physical part of us, the Being is the spirit and soul that dwells in the physical body.  We care for our physical body, the spirit has the same needs as the body.  The spirit needs nurturing, cleansing, nourishing, exercise, rest and clothing.

  • We nurture the spirit by acknowledging its importance
  • We cleanse our spirit by having spiritual healing, spiritual wash, fumigation, aura, head, hand and home cleansing
  • We nourish the spirit by spiritual development, growth and empowerment studies
  • We exercise the spirit by showing trust, faith, love and charity
  • We rest and recharge the spirit by meditating
  • We clothe the spirit by reinforcing our intentions and strengthening our aura, cleansing, balancing and energizing our Chakras

Physical Benefits of Blockage Removal Wash:

When using these products the molecules of the Essential Oils and Organic Herbs are so tiny that they can penetrate the body through pores in your skin, nose and lungs and immediately begin the spiritual healing process.

Spiritual cleansing: is the clearing of negative energy, blockages and spiritual disturbances that attach to us daily.

Emotional Benefits of Blockage Removal Wash:

Using these products will raise your vibration which enables you to operate on a higher spiritual plain.  This product may help anyone who is experiencing spiritual imbalance to clear blockages and begin the healing process.

The emotional benefits of spiritual cleaning are as follows:

  • Lightness feeling as though a great burden has been lifted off of you
  • Heightened Intuition
  • Improved Memory
  • Feeling of great achievement
  • Brings balance to spirit, mind and body
  • Clear Dreams and Visions
  • Reconnect with your Purpose


The finest grades of organic herbs, spices, barks, resins, roots, seeds, vines, stems and flowers are obtained from reputable producers in North and South America, Middle East, Near and Far East.

To extract the healing essences from these ingredients they are then blended with essential oils to produce a potent concentrate for emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Essential Oils are vital fluids.  Essential Oils are the concentrated essence of the plant which is considered the vital fluid and life blood of the plant.  They are called essential because they are the substance of life.  Essential oils are botanicals for the Spirit, Soul and Body.  There are two ways the human body derives the benefits of essential oils, they are absorbed through the skin and inhaled through the nose.  The molecules of these essential oils are so minuscule they are easily absorbed and when inhaled immediately begins the Spiritual healing process.  The oils contain life force, intelligence and vibrational energy from the plants from which they are derived and imbued them with healing powers that work

When using the Blockage Removal Wash the Essential Oils enter directly into your blood stream through the pores.  In addition while washing you also inhale the Essential Oils through the nose which carries it directly into your lungs and then into your bloodstream.   When the Essential Oils enter your bloodstream they cleanse, balance, energize and uplift the Spirit, Soul and emotions so that you can begin spiritual healing process and remove negative energy.

Why Organic Herbs and Essential Oils are used in our Products?

Organic Herbs grown without manmade fertilization only contain vital nutrients from the elements.

Organic Herbs are used to heal spiritually.  In order to connect to the Divine you have to use Plants and Plant Materials in their natural state as made by the Creator of Creations.

Organic Herbs are used to heighten our spiritual vibration and strengthens our connection to the Divine.

Organic Herbs provide vital nutrients from the elements (soil, water, air and sun).

How to use

The essential ingredients of the Earth Blends for Happiness Body Washes are Water, Organic Herbs and Essential Oils.

Water is Life, it cleanses, refreshes and replenishes the body, Organic Herbs and Essential Oils are food for the Spirit.  Together they provide cleansing and protection for the Spirit.  We wash the physical body to remove negative energy from the earthly home of the spirit.  This enables the Spirit to dwell in a negative free environment conducive for spiritual development and advancement.

Earth Blends for Happiness Cleansing Body Wash

Note:  Follow instructions precisely.

Don’ts for all washes:

Do not shower, wash for 24 hours

Do not use soap, bath oil or any other body cleansing agents

Do not take baths with this product

Do not use if you have open wounds


Water, Earth Blends for Happiness Cleansing Body Wash, Container, Candle (Holder), Matches, Turpentine or Ammonia

The most beneficial manner in which to use Earth Blends for Happiness Blockage Removal & Cleansing Body Wash:


1 - Light Candle or tea light(Optional).

2 - In a container pour approximately 1.5 Gallons of water along with 8 ounces of Earth Blends for Happiness Cleansing Body Wash.

3 - Read Scriptures, Affirmations, Meditate or Pray while focusing on Freedom from all negative energy.

4 - Use a smaller container, dip and pour over entire body (Crown of Head to Soul of Feet) Rub mixture into your skin, rubbing invigorates your pores to allow molecules of Essential Oils to penetrate and begin the healing process. (Use entire amount of mixture)

5 – Wash bathtub or shower with mixture of spiritual turpentine or ammonia.  This will prevent any negative energy which you have dispelled from lingering.

6 – Towel dry hair only, allow body to air dry.

7 – Before dressing spray entire body with cleansing spray and anoint your body with Earth Blends for Happiness Protection cream. (Caution: Do not wash body for 24 hours)

8 – Scripture or Affirmation of Thanksgiving to be read at this time. Will be provided. 

After 24 hours continue using your blockage removal kit every day in the evening or night ( Clearance shower & bath gel, Clearance Spray & Protection Cream)

Clearance Gel: use Evening

Shower with Clearance Gel at the end of your day to dispel any negative energy that may have attached to you or in your Aura.  Cleanse the body and unburden the Spirit bringing spiritual relaxation.

How to use


  1. Place in hands and apply to entire body.
  2. Spray upward overhead Earth Blends for Happiness Clearance Spray and let the mist rain down on your body
  3. Before dressing anoint your body with Earth Blends for Happiness Protection Cream.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Boswellia carteri (Frankincense) oil, Salvia officinalis (3 types of Sage) Essential Oils, Pelargonium (Geranium) Essential oil, Mother of Thyme, Hyssopus officinalis (Hyssop) Essential Oil, Commiphora myrrha (Myrrh) Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Essential Oil, Ancient Eastern and South America Blends.

Spiritual Benefits:

Frankincense: uplifts the spirit by creating a spirit of peace and calm.  It enables you to focus by eliminating stress and anxiety.

Sage:   provides protection from evil, balances the Chakras and enhances wisdom. 

This product contains 3 types of Sage and their properties are:

  • White Sage – Protection, Blessing and Clearing
  • Black Sage – Purification and Spiritual Cleansing
  • Garden Sage – Release stress, anxiety and brings a spirit of peace

Hyssop: cleanses and invigorates the body and spirit and also improves mental clarity.

Myrrh: soothes the nerves with a stimulating yet relaxing effect and provides a heightened level of protection.

Eucalyptus:  it refreshes and re-energizes the mind, body and spirit it also adds positive changes and movement in your life.





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