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Love & Happiness Bundle Medium


Love and Happiness Spiritual Bath Wash treatment is a combination of Organic Herbs and Essential Oils that produce a sweet fragrance which raises your spiritual vibration and brightens your aura.

Spiritual Benefits of Love and Happiness Wash:

Love and Happiness Spiritual Bath Wash’s sweet fragrance invites the presence of your Angels, Guardians and Guides.  It also connect you to Source Energy and conveys your hearts desires into the Universe.

  • Raises Spiritual Vibration
  • Boosts Spiritual Confidence
  • Direct Connection to Source Energy
  • Conveys Hearts Desire to the Universe

Physical Benefits of Love and Happiness Wash:

When you use this product you draw abundance into your life.  When using this product the molecules of the Essential Oils and Organic Herbs are so tiny that they can penetrate the body through pores in your skin, nose and lungs and magnetizes your spirit to attract positive vibrations, boost your confidence, attract love and favor from all important sources, keeps you in high spirits. 

Emotional Benefits of Love and Happiness Wash:

Love and Happiness Spiritual Bath Wash treatment helps attract to your life good health, love, wealth and advancement.  Using these products will raise your vibration which enables you to operate on a higher spiritual plain.  This product is to magnetize your spirit to draw into your life that which you desire from the universe. 

  • Confidence
  • Feeling Upbeat
  • Grounded
  • Self-Assured
  • Vibrant

The finest grades of organic herbs, spices, barks, resins, roots, seeds, vines, stems and flowers are obtained from reputable producers in North and South America, Middle East, Near and Far East.

To extract the healing essences from these ingredients they are then blended with essential oils to produce a potent concentrate for emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Essential Oils are vital fluids.  Essential Oils are the concentrated essence of the plant which is considered the vital fluid and life blood of the plant.  They are called essential because they are the substance of life.  Essential oils are botanicals for the Spirit, Soul and Body.  There are two ways the human body derives the benefits of essential oils, they are absorbed through the skin and inhaled through the nose.  The molecules of these essential oils are so minuscule they are easily absorbed and when inhaled immediately begins the Spiritual healing process.  The oils contain life force, intelligence and vibrational energy from the plants from which they are derived and imbued them with healing powers that work. 

How to use

Note:  Follow instructions precisely.

Don’ts for all washes:

Do not shower, wash for 24 hours

Do not use soap, bath oil or any other body cleansing agents

Do not take baths with these products

Do not use if you have open wounds

The most beneficial manner in which to use Earth Blends for Happiness Attract Love and Happiness Body Wash


Water, Earth Blends for Happiness Attract Love and Happiness Body Wash, Container, Turpentine or Ammonia


1 Light Candle or tea light (Optional)

2 - In a container pour approximately 1.5 Gallons of water along with 8 ounces of Earth Blend     for Happiness Attract Love and Happiness Body Wash.

3 – Add Honey (optional) to bring sweetness and favor into your life.

4 - Read Scriptures, Affirmations, Meditate or Pray while focusing on your abundance and being happy.

5 - Use a smaller container, dip and pour over entire body (Crown of Head to Soul of Feet).

Rub mixture into your skin, rubbing invigorates your pores to allow molecules of Essential Oils to penetrate and begin healing process. (Use entire mixture).

6 – Towel dry hair only, allow body to air dry.

7 – Before dressing spray body with attract love and happiness spray and anoint your body with Earth Blends for Happiness attract love and happiness Cream. (Caution: Do not wash for 24 hours)

8 – Scripture/Affirmation of Thanksgiving to be read at this time.

After 24 hours continue to use your Love & Happiness energizing kit every morning. It includes: Love & Happiness bath & shower gel, Love & Happiness spray & Love & Happiness cream. 

Love and Happiness Gel

Bath or shower with Attract Love and Happiness Gel at the beginning of your day.  The unique blend of Organic Herbs and Essential Oils enables you to experience emotional balance, reduced anxiety, and increased confidence which strengthens your heart to attract love and friendship.  You will also feel renewed energy.


  1. Place in hands and apply to entire body.
  2. Spray upward overhead Earth Blends for Happiness attract love and happiness Spray and let the mist rain down on your body
  3. Before dressing anoint your body with Earth Blends for Happiness attract Love and happiness Cream.

Note:  Prosperity and Love and Happiness Gels, Sprays and Creams can be blended together and used.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Rosa damascene (Rose/Petals) oil, Carthamus Tinctorius (Saffron) Essential Oil, Cinnamomum zeylanicum (sweet Cinnamon) Essential oil, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Essential oil, disambiguation (sweet Almond) Essential oil, Ancient Eastern and South America Blends

Spiritual Benefits:

Rose:  lifts spiritual vibrations, brings peace, happiness, increases confidence and attracts friendships.

Orange Blossom: maximizes mood, calms anxiety and lifts the spirit.  It induces renewed energy, increases focus by providing a positive outlook and reduces everyday tension.

Saffron: brings on and call forth clairvoyant powers, it increases love, strengthens joy and happiness in one’s life, and enables the ability to foresee the future.

Almond:  attracts money and good fortune, increases energy level and the ability to gain wisdom.

Cinnamon:  attracts good luck, heightens ones spirituality and strengthens the heart to attract Love.

Honey: sweetens your life, uplifts your spirit and attracts all good things into your life.


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