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Blockage Removal Body Wash 8oz


Feel unburden and Light, Remove Negative Energies, Gain Mental Clarity and Peace

  • Feel Unburden & Light
  • Remove Negative Energies & Evil spirits
  • Cleanse the Aura & Chakras
  • Gain Clarity & Peace
  • Heightened Intuition

Handmade with the purest ingredients, Earth Blends For Happiness, is a powerful, energizing body wash to get rid of negative blockages from the past and present and leave you feeling unburden. Try Mother Nature’s best today.

Do you feel mentally, emotionally or spiritually stagnated?

Are doors of opportunities constantly being closed in your face?

Did your doctor say or imply that you need spiritual intervention (like prayer etc) to experience better health?

Are you having frightening dreams or nightmares?

Have you lost interest in your advancement in life?

Do you feel there is negative energy or presents blocking your path to success and making you feel like a failure?

Are you financially secure but unhappy and don’t know why?

Do you feel like you are being attacked by a negative force?

Do you feel sad or tearful most of the time?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then your path is blocked by negative energies.

Not to worry mother nature has provided the solution in our Blockage Removal Body Wash.

Spiritual washing or cleansing of the body is an ancient practice to remove negative energies that cause spiritual blockages, stress, anxiety, disturbances, depression, negative thinking, negative feelings/emotions, hopelessness, anger, resentment, unhealthy relationships and other hindrances.

 Mother Nature’s Solution

Twenty-two therapeutic essential oils proportionately blended and twenty-one herbs decocted or infused and mingled to produce a pristine wash to remove spiritual blockages and negative energies from both humans and animals.

This powerful chemical free blockage removal body wash made from the essences of frankincense, 3 types of Sage (Black Sage, white Sage, Garden Sage) Myrrh, Geranium, 3 types of Thyme, Hyssop, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Ancient Eastern & South American blends.

Wash with Earth Blends for Happiness body wash to remove all blockages, feel unburden, spiritually uplifted, feel peaceful, heighten your intuition and have your life moving in the right direction.

This product is not just for trouble times it was made for weekly or monthly use to dispel evil spirits, and negative energies etc.

The body washes set the stage for the other products to work even more powerfully to transform your life.

For best results follow with Prosperity body wash.


Download Chapter: Blockage Removal Wash

Download Full Book: The Secrets Of Spiritual Power

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