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3 Bottles Love & Happiness Body Wash 8oz


Attract and Sweeten Love, Brighten Your Aura and Feel Happy...

  • Attract & Sweeten Love
  • Conveys Hearts Desires to the Universe
  • Brighten Aura & Raise Spiritual Vibration
  • Feel Love filled, Happy & playful

Handmade with the purest ingredients, Earth Blends For Happiness, is a Pristine Powerful Body Wash to help convey all your hearts desires to the universe. Attract & sweeten love. Try Mother Earth’s best today.

Love and Happiness body wash sweet fragrance invites the presence of your Angels, Guardians and Guides.  It also connect you to Source Energy and conveys your hearts desires into the Universe.

 Mother Nature’s Solution

Twenty-one therapeutic essential oils proportionately blended and twenty-one herbs decocted or infused and mingled to produce a Pristine Wash to Attract and Sweeten Love & Happiness.

This powerful chemical free blockage removal body wash made from the essences of Saffron, 7 types of roses, Sweet cinnamon, Lavender, Sweet Almond, Ancient Eastern & South American blends.

Wash with Earth Blends For Happiness love & happiness body wash to attract love, sweeten love, convey all your hearts desires to the universe, brighten aura, raise spiritual vibration and have your life moving in the right direction.

This product is not just for trouble times it was made for weekly or monthly use to attract and keep love & happiness.

The body washes set the stage for the other products to work even more powerfully to transform your life.

For best results follow Love & Happiness Bundle with body wash.


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