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3 Bottles Love & Happiness Body Spray 4oz


Heighten your connection with the universe to attract love & Strengthen your relationships

  • Attract Love & Strengthen Relationships
  • Heightens your connection with the universe 
  • Feel Upbeat & Uplifted

Open your heart & soul to the great possibility of loving and being loved!!! We all need love and it is readily available to all of us!

Love & happiness is one of the basic human needs.

Mother Nature has given us access to the finest of bark = patchouli, flowers = roses, spice = saffron, fruits = pineapple and other plant materials to heighten our magnetism to attract love.

The heightening, aromatic, and soul uplifting properties of our twenty-one therapeutic essential oil blend in our love & happiness formula would bring out the exuberance and freedom of the happy child in you. Mother Nature always supports us in our quest to find & keep love & happiness. This was created just for you!

This product is not just for trouble times it is recommend to be used as a daily maintenance to attract love, and leave you feeling upbeat and uplifted.

For best results follow with Love & Happiness body cream.


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