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3 Bottles Love & Happiness Bath & Shower Gel 8oz


Raise Your Spiritual Vibration To Attract & Sustain Love

  • Attract & Sustain Love
  • Promote Radiant Soft silky skin
  • Feel Lighthearted, Happy and Blissful
  • Raise spiritual vibration

Attract and sustain love by creating the right atmosphere around you. Use this bath gel to improve your mood and evoke a lighthearted, happy and blissful feeling.

Create your, personalize spa in the comfort of your own home using the blended properties of Rose, Sweet Cinnamon, Neroli, Ancient Eastern and South American blends.

This ancient aromatic experience in the shower will give you radiant soft silky skin and raise your spiritual vibration. Earth Blends For Happiness Bath & Shower Gel was created just for you.

This product is not just for trouble times it is recommend to be used as a daily maintenance to Raise spiritual vibration, fuel your soul to Ignite love and leave you feeling lighthearted and blissful..

For best results follow with Love & Happiness body spray.


Download Chapter: Cleanse & Energize Daily

Download Full Book: The Secrets Of Spiritual Power

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