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“7th Annual Cleansing & Prosperity Ritual at the Ocean”

Get Rid of Spiritual Blockages, Negative Energies, Break Spells, Curses, Hexes, & Open Your Path to Financial Freedom, Love & Happiness!

Summer is the season when we have full access to all the positive energy and power of elements!!!

This is the time to Rid yourself, family & home of Blockages. Increase your Cash Flow by using Ancient Secrets & Mystical Rituals!!!

The Elements – Earth, Wind, Water and Fire(sun) collectively make available to us their highest positive energy to Remove Blockages and position yourself to Attract wealth.

Join Bishop Thorne and Petal at the Ocean

In this Done for You, Hands on Healing, Spiritual Cleansing,
Blockage Removal, Spell Breaking, Protection,
& Financial Increase Ritual.


Benefits You’ll Receive:

  • Cut, Clear and Dissolve Negative Energies
  • Break & Get Rid of spells, Curses & Hexes
  • Release Stress & Anxiety
  • Connect with your Ancestors, Angels & Spirit Guides
  • Attract Financial Success & Increase Cashflow
  • Become a Manifesting Money Magnet
  • Feel Unburden, Light, Happy & Peaceful

    What is included:

    • Done for You, Hands on Spiritual Healing & Cleansing
    • Financial & Cash Flow Ritual
    • Gratitude Offering to your Ancestors Ritual
    • Head Clearing for Clarity & Increased Spiritual Power
    • Spirit Guides & Orisha Reading on the Ocean Waves
    • Learn how to work with the Elements to Dispel Negative Energies & Call in Your Finances
    • Spiritual Body Cleansing
    • Spiritual Body Energizing
    • Super Charged tools to get rid of Blockages, Break Spells, Curses & Hexes
    • Triple Strength Specially prepared House wash
    • And so much more...

    Bonus (Free):

    • First 3 People to pay in full will receive a one on one light manifestation ritual session of their choice. (Usually Sold for $1500)
    • FREE Personalized Money Attracting piece for your purse or wallet. For the first 5 people to pay in full (Usually Sold for $1000)
     We can only take 8-10 people per date August

    3rd or 10th at Sunrise. “Pick your date.”

    Sold Out 6 years in a row!!!

    Registration Closes on 15th July.
    Investment $1699 

    Claim Your Spot Now!!!



    P.S Groups of five or more can email (support@happinessblends.com) to set a special date.