Done For You Hands On Blockage Removal & Financial Ritual At the Ocean!

Blockage Removal Candle Kit


This Super Charged Spelled Candle is empowered with ancient mystical seals.

Free yourself from evil spirits, that are blocking your spirit soul connection; and hampering your prosperity, love, health, peace and over all happiness.  All spells were done by Petal personally.

Incense with the powerfully spelled spiritual cleansing incense blend to dispel all negative energies around you.


  • Remove spiritual blockages
  • Reveal things
  • Sweep obstacles out of your way
  • Clear negativity
  • Dissolve anxiety and stress 
  • Uplift your spirit
  • Gain mental clarity & peace

Candle Kit Includes:

  • Powerfully Spelled Blockage Clearing candle that can be burnt continuously for approximately 144 - 168 hours (according to your energy).
  • Spelled Blockage Clearing oil blend
  • Spelled Blockage Clearing Incense
  • Complete Blockage Clearing Ritual
  • Charcoal Tables
  • Step by step instructions to achieve best results.

Download Chapter: Blockage Removal Candle Kit

Download Full Book: Magical Candle Burning 


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