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Open Path Candle


This Open Path candle ritual will energize and empower any other spell ritual. Can be burned with all spelled or ritual candles.

The 5th Pentacle of Mercury is the Solomonic Seal working with this candle ritual.

This Super Charged Spelled Candle is empowered inside and outside with ancient mystical seals.

Open Path is a powerfully spelled candle that clears your path to success, health, prosperity, luck, big money, favor, love, business, Job, and promotion.

An open clear path is the golden key to being successful in every aspect of your life.

Open Path candle rapidly speeds up the success of any ritual by removing all obstacles in your path.


  • Rapidly speed up your success
  • Clear obstacles out of your path
  • Enhance positive results
  • Energize all Spelled & Ritual candles

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